School Management Software

What's i-Schools

i-Schools is the most advanced software Management Information system for Independent Schools and Colleges, designed and supported in the UK. Using the latest technologies ensures that the system is future proof.

Expect More

Your School should be able to manage all administrative functions with ease and efficiency without compromise on the effective running of the school. Often systems dictate the way you work but no longer, i-Schools changes the mould as it works the way you want to work!

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Flexible Design

Flexible Designi-Schools is made up of 8 modules which cover all functions that your school would need to run an efficient operation. The main 4 modules cover pupil management and general administration functions. Add the 4 financials to complete the system, comprising financial reporting, payroll and asset management. Being modular you choose the configuration that suits.

Each module operates by itself or can be added in any combination to complete a custom solution for your school. Modules can be added at any time.


i-Schools is under constant development in order to keep pace with new requirements in the Independent school sector. New features are added based mainly on feedback from our user base. We work closely with schools to ensure that we have the most comprehensive system keeping up with the latest trends. Periodic updates are delivered seamlessly to our users.

Skill Level

i-Schools is designed to be windows compliant using standard navigation controls, selection boxes, browsers and uniform buttons. This means that the skill level to use the system is minimal as most users are familiar with the Windows interface.

Giving You More

sample imageWe specialize in creating state of the art management software for schools and colleges designed with our customers in mind. i-Schools is full of helpful features, with common tasks laid out in easy tutorials.  Each module is supplied with interactive help pages and easy to follow documentation. We are also unique as our support team will contact all schools at the beginning and end of each term to discuss any forthcoming issues.